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The debut of the Cloud Supreme not only allowed Tempur-Pedic to reach the millions of people interested in the benefits only available with memory foam, but also those who felt memory foam mattresses were too firm.

Tempurpedic Mattress Comparison - SleepScholars

If you have heard of memory foam, odds are it’s due to the efforts of one company: Tempur-Pedic International. By far the largest memory foam company in the world, it has grown to be one of the largest mattress companies in the world with an extensive product line of 11 Mattresses, 13 pillows, and a number of different accessories being traded on the NYSE. The majority of their products are made to of very high quality materials; anyone who says otherwise is either ill informed or ill intentioned.

Tempur-Pedic Complaints

While customer satisfaction is relatively high for a consumer goods company, Tempur-Pedic mattresses receive 3 very common complaints: too firm, too hot, & way too expensive. The company has taken steps to address these issues in recent years. READ BELOW

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Collections

Tempur-Pedic has three mattress lines: 1) TEMPUR™ Collection 2) TEMPUR-HD™ Collection, and 3) TEMPUR CLOUD™ Collection. The difference between the lines is the type of memory foam that is in each line.

TEMPUR™ Collection

The TEMPUR™ Collection is the original mattress line by Tempur-Pedic. It consists of beds using the original 5.3lb density memory foam formula, and includes the most basic beds.

TEMPUR-HD™ Collection

The TEMPUR-HD Collection has mattresses that contain 7.2 lb High Density Memory Foam (HD), slightly firmer version of memory foam that is even more conforming and pressure relieving than the original TEMPUR Foam. This collection has Tempur-Pedic’s Flagship mattress, the GrandBed, as well as the ever-popular RhapsodyBed,; beds that tend to be too firm to fit most people’s idea of “luxury mattresses.”

TEMPUR CLOUD™ Collection

2009 saw the introduction of the CLOUD™ line of mattresses, aimed at giving customers a plush feel like what many are used too with their current mattress. With the introduction of one specific model—the Tempur-Pedic® Cloud Supreme™— the company finally had something to offer the millions of people that were always interested in memory foam but stayed away because there was never a memory foam mattress that was soft enough for them to deem comfortable. Considering a majority of Americans prefer a mattress that is Medium-Plush to Plush, a whole new generation of people will likely switch to memory foam.

Tempur-Pedic® Cloud Supreme™ ranges from $1799 TO $2699.

The IQ Bed (links to mattress page) compares directly to firmness of the Tempur-Pedic® Cloud Supreme™.

TEMPUR Foam Sleeps Too Hot

Tempur-Pedic memory foam has garnered a reputation of sleeping too hot, causing some people to sweat at night. Tempur-Pedic has not done much to address this concern, although one of their mattresses (the RhaposodyBed) has a sophisticated TEMPUR-Tex cover that works to whisk away moisture similar to the material popularized by Under Armour. However, the large majority of Tempur-Pedic users don’t experience this problem.

That being said, make sure you sweat the details when buying a mattress. If you can go with a bed that has no risk of overheating, you should do so. At Sleep Scholars, we invented The IQ Bed to fill this niche. The IQ bed is made with extremely breathable memory foam, a hybrid SpringTex layer that ensures you won’t feel like your “stuck” in the mattress, and offers zero heat retention. In addition, The IQ Bed is adorned with an incredibly sophisticated cover that prevents heat from being trapped inside the mattress.

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses are too Expensive

One of the biggest complaints we hear about Tempur-Pedic is that the beds are just too expensive. With beds costing up to $7299, this is hard to argue. With the staggering amount of money they spend on advertising, research and development, and the middlemen that the beds go through before they reach a customer’s home, the cost structure is very high. On top of that, the company feels that it is a premium brand and can charge as much as they want. Tempur-Pedic has instituted MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) pricing on all its products, meaning that you’ll pay the same price regardless of where you go. Tempur-Pedic mattresses also never go on sale. The good news is that you can get mattresses made to the same specifications as their Tempur-Pedic counterparts, at up to 50% off.

Tempur-Pedic Alternatives

There are many products on the market today that make comparisons to the Tempur-Pedic name. While many of these are subpar, and very inaccurate replications, fortunately there are some extremely high quality products that are just as good, and in some respects better, than Tempur-Pedic. offers information on Tempur-Pedic products and actually offers rankings on Tempur-Pedic products along with a number of competitors on the market today.

Here at Sleep Scholars, we offer a mattress that was based upon Tempur-Pedic’s #1 Best-Selling Mattress: the Tempur-Pedic® Cloud Supreme™. Basically, we started with the Cloud Supreme™ and engineered a new bed to address and solve all of the negative aspects of the Cloud Supreme™. The result was the IQ Bed. 1) We used a special Hybrid foam called SpringTex foam to give the bed a slight resilient (bouncy) feel to avoid it feeling too firm at first, and to prevent you from feeling like you “get trapped in your body print on the mattress.” 2) We used a special Natural Soy-Based memory foam that is open-cell in construction so it does not get hot.3) Finally we were able to price that bed at about 35% less than the moderately price Cloud Supreme™.

At the end of the day, Tempur-Pedic is a company that ‘s better at branding than anything else, although their products are of very high quality. Do your homework and whether you choose a Tempur-Pedic or choose an off-brand mattress to save hundreds—perhaps thousands—of dollars, you should be happy with your decision.

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